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Sherri Horsley
Tasty cinnamon rolls, decadent
brownies, luscious lemon bars,
cupcakes for every day and
cupcakes for special days,
and cookies, cookies, cookies!
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cinnamon roll Fluffy sweet bread with a cinnamon or orange layer, topped with our delicious cream cheese frosting. Melt-in-your mouth good!
brownies Get your daily dose of chocolate in the form of a made-from-scratch brownie with rich frosting. If this doesn't hit the spot, nothing will!
For the discerning palate, we offer our moist and light pumpkin bars, tasty carrot cake bars and those wonderful peanut butter bars that remind us of the kind we had when we were little (except these are better!)
apple pieWe've found a way to get an apple a day that will bring a big smile to your face--our freshly-made apple pie! Get your daily dose of health here at Geraldine's!
lemon barsYou don't dream of lemon bars? Then you haven't tasted ours yet. Come on in and try one and get a little citrus burst of energy now and sweet dreams tonight!
cookiesNothing is more rewarding after a long, hard day of school (or work) than a tall glass of milk and a Chocolate Chip cookie. Or a Strawberry Shortcake cookie. Or maybe a Toffee cookie. Or a Raspberry Filled cookie, Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Chip Truffle cookie, or Macaroon. Yeah, you definitely need a reward!
sweet breadComforting Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, luscious Lemon Poppyseed-- all ofour sweetbreads are delicious and perfect to share (or to eat all by yourself).
PB BarAhh, Peanut Butter Bars! We crave these babies all through school and beyond. These are always a welcome treat!